coldlikedeath (coldlikedeath) wrote in english_majors,

*happy face*

Ladies and gents, I thought I’d let you know that re my „oh my god thesis aaarrrggghhh” entry, it was helpful and thank you if you commented. My idea has been accepted, and now that it has, I’ll write it here.

Taken from the email I sent a day or two ago, written as is:

[...]  poetry in heavy metal lyrics, plenty of it about. Specifically I would use Iron Maiden's The Rime of the Ancient Mariner (poem and song itself), as the song was written around the poem. I would begin with this and widen it out to not only other songs and bands in the heavy metal genre (Nightwish, Sirenia, et al), but also other poetry and poets (Chaucer, for example).

Andrew said he’d take it on; he’s a Coleridge specialist, and a musician to boot, so I hope he can see what I would mean to do with this or how I came up with it, if you see what I mean. (Didn't expect a response this quick.) I probably won’t be this happy six weeks into writing and researching the thing but for now, I feel I could explode with happiness.

I don't think it sounds too out there. we’ll see! Tell me what y'all think. 

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