Dehlia (redhandedjilll) wrote in english_majors,

Switching majors

Hello all, new member. Dehlia, 24, current sophomore.

So I'm wondering if I'm just completely nuts for doing this or maybe on the right track. I guess I'm looking for people who are or were in the same situation as I am and could offer some feedback?

I'm 99% sure I want to switch from journalism to English. Essentially, writing is always what I've wanted to do. However, I decided awhile ago that maybe journalism was the more "logical" approach to finding a career.

Yet, I find that it's actually eating my soul. I hate it. I hate reporting, I hate interviewing people, I hate the legalities, and I spend all semester wishing I had the free time to read and write more. It all accumulated into a full-scale meltdown just prior to this Fall semester starting, because I would pretty much rather die than sit through another one of these classes.

This is not even counting how I've never felt I was in the right place within these classes, and never really jived with the people there.

I dropped the J-classes I was planning to take in favor of some English Lit. courses to feel it out and get an idea before I take the plunge into officially changing.

So is it totally silly of me to make this transition? I'm aware of the consequences. I know I'll have to take more classes and probably graduate later than originally thought, I know that it's not some magical portal into writing stardom. In fact, I'm quite content with the idea of living as a copywriter and maybe self-publishing on the side, or going on to teach later in life.

Has anyone here made the successful (or at least felt better about life since) transition from one major into English?
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