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Kind of Nervous to Ask This

Hello fellow English Majors!

I want to ask some questions, but I'm worried I'll come off as rude and I hope that doesn't happen. I'm towards the end of my degree, so I'm hoping no one says "Well just change your major".

Since high school, I have found that my love for reading outside of the classroom has diminished because of the amount of reading I had to do in class. Now as a college student, when I talk with my fellow English majors, I feel as though I'm seriously behind on "good" literature. I put good in quotation marks because I'm not sure what qualifies as good literature anymore. I've always felt that as long as you were reading, it can't be bad. My eyes have opened up since.

So my questions to you are:

1. How do I rekindle my love of reading? Will it come back to me when I graduate? Will I shout from the rooftops "Finally! I can read again"?

2. What should I read? I don't know what is "good" literature and what is "bad" literature. Who are the authors that are in right now? I don't really have a favorite genre, so I'm hoping to read works from all different kinds of genres. Even comics.

3. Do you sometimes feel judged based upon what you've read?

Again, I hope I do not tick off anyone with these questions, as that was definitely not my intent. Thank you for reading this.
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