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The Scarlet Letter and Walden

Hi, all,
I don't like to admit this as a former English major and current English MA student, but I've never read Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter, and I've only read bits and pieces of Thoreau's Walden. That said, can anyone recommend websites that explain these two works in enough detail that I'll know what I'm talking about if I need to say anything about these two works in upcoming classes?

We write a post each week to the prof and other students and then talk about the posts in class, but since the post will be about two books I've never studied in depth, I'm not sure that will go over well. I don't want to seem completely incompetent, but I'm a little worried about grasping the material. Not sure I want to look at Wikipedia for this, so I wanted to check here as I continue look for other sources of information.

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